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the Television Show - Hosted by Randi Perkins


This positive inspirational television show brings to life the stories and the music featuring the spirit of the Great Plains and rural America.  The show highlights the experiences of host Randi Perkins and others whose lives were shaped by their roots in the heart of America.


Randi is a singer-songwriter doing songs about home, family, friends, and a celebration of life, and his music is influenced by the ‘70’s singer-songwriters John Denver, Dan Fogelberg, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, and Billy Joel.  The music highlighted in Song Of The Plains reflects these influences as well as features the music found in rural schools, churches, and community events.  The show also features stories about farming, music education, music teachers, community activities, spiritual journeys, and struggles and triumphs of living in rural communities. 


The spirit of the rural plains is steeped in music and culture.  This show demonstrates the value of music in the lives of rural people as well as people in all walks of life.  Music education is the foundation of community culture and this program stresses the critical importance of maintaining and expanding musical education and how it enhances the learning abilities of all young people in all subjects.  The show seeks to inspire a future generation of music educators and mentors.  It also creates awareness of the value of music in our daily lives and strengthens the understanding of maintaining a vibrant and prosperous global music community.

The “Song Of The Plains”  TV show provides media exposure, credibility, and awareness to allow access to other TV talk shows in order to bring attention to music’s value, education, and music business issues promoted by Song Of The Plains Foundation and provides opportunities for the live concert presentation.


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